broiled broiled  /b ˈrɔ ɪld/


  • (adj) cooked by radiant heat (as over a grill)


  1. Or broiled lobster tails or cold boiled fish with mayonnaise.
  2. When snails are broiled, the mucus in which they are sealed reaches the boiling point.
  3. Devastating summer storms pounded places begging for relief from flooding, while the scorching sun broiled farmlands thirsting for rain.


  1. Simplify summer meals let 'em eat salmon cakes

    Note recipe at end. Once summer hits, many of us are constantly on the go, so getting the most out of meals is essential. Today's salmon cake recipe fits that bill because it started with a leftover broiled salmon.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Salem Statesman Journal

  2. A salad that’s a whole meal

    A simple flank, top round or sirloin steak, marinated in a soy sauce-based dressing and then broiled or grilled, is one of those easy, fast dishes that never seem to go out of style. I understand the appeal, but with today’s meat-on-the-side, vegetables-in-the-middle sensibility taking hold, it’s time for an update. That same steak, thinly sliced and mixed with snow peas, carrots and shiitake ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Standard-Examiner

  3. After 24 years, the Chesapeake is back

    A Baltimore classic returns with new owners and a new outlook For decades, the well-heeled and hungry went to the Chesapeake Restaurant for formally served dinners of charcoal-broiled steaks, unabashedly rich seafood dishes like jumbo crab lumps au gratin and a dessert named the coconut snowball.        
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Baltimore Sun


  1. "Going through the weight loss program I try to eat it more broiled and baked," Huckabee said. "But I can tell you this: any Southerner knows that if you're not gonna eat the skin, don't bother with calling it fried chicken."
    on Jan 27, 2008 By: Mike Huckabee Source: CBS News

  2. "We also found that within the highest risk group, women who reported using aspirin significantly reduced their breast cancer risk to the same levels as those who never ate flame-broiled foods," says Johns Hopkins epidemiologist and oncologist...
    on Nov 17, 2006 By: Johns Hopkins Source: Newswise (press release)

  3. The "black comedy" - "it's so dark it's almost char-broiled," says Poehler with a grin - explores the analogy of the low-pay fast food restaurant to a separate nation within the United States.
    on Oct 4, 2008 By: Amy Poehler Source: (Pressemitteilung)

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