brawny brawny  /b ˈrɔ ni/


  • (adj) (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful


Derived Word(s)


  1. One break was made by a brawny group of Red Cross nurses.
  2. Mario Batali grabs a brawny handful of parsley leaves and tosses them into the pot without looking.
  3. Suddenly a brawny band, led by a man in a clerical collar, leaped from a gray Volkswagen bus and lit into them.



  1. "Someone said I look like the Brawny paper towel guy just before his bone marrow transplant," O'Brien said.
    on May 25, 2010 By: Conan O Brien Source: OSU - The Lantern

  2. "We do the brawny work," Tierney said, sounding like the CEO of some smokestack industry. "The Web efforts, they add something. I congratulate them. Let a thousand flowers bloom. But if somebody thinks in any short term, or even medium term,...
    on Aug 10, 2009 By: Brian Tierney Source: Techdirt

  3. "There is an American attitude that drinking wine is sort of like a wrestling match and it is not macho to get into the ring with a wimpy 'easy to drink' wine," wine importer Kermit Lynch says. "Better it is big, brawny, tough, and swallowing...
    on Aug 4, 2009 By: Kermit Lynch Source: Los Angeles Times

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