blockhead blockhead  /b ˈlɑk ˌhɛd/


  • (n) a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence


  1. The emotion-heavy words that are easiest to spot are epithets and endearments: blockhead, scumbum, heel, sweetheart, darling, great human being and the like.
  2. In Polish, the word for snowman, balwan, has a second meaning: blockhead or dummy.
  3. Three months in, Charlie Brown gets his stripy shirt, and he gets called a blockhead for the first time in 1951.


  • Seen@E3: The Evil Within's terrifying blockhead

    Pyramids don't have a monopoly on terrifying head shapes, at least not if The Evil Within has anything to say about it. You might be wondering what's inside this fellow's safe-head. We got as close as we dared to take a few pictures and, frankly, we're not sure we want to know. Gallery: The Evil Within (Box Man) Seen@E3: The Evil Within's terrifying blockhead originally appeared on Joystiq on ...
    on June 16, 2013     Source: Joystiq


  1. And Samuel Johnson said it more than 200 years ago: "no man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money."
    on Mar 30, 2006 By: Samuel Johnson Source: ABC Online

  2. Overcoming innumerable difficulties, Dr. Albert Schweitzer wrote: "One day, in my despair, I threw myself into a chair in the consulting room and groaned out: 'What a blockhead I was to come out here to doctor savages like these!'"
    on Jan 14, 2009 By: Albert Schweitzer Source: Dakota Voice

  3. So also did Alexander Pope say it beautifully in an alliterative quote, "the bookful blockhead, ignorantly read, with loads of learned lumber in his head".
    on Jul 28, 2008 By: Alexander Pope Source: Merinews

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