baleful baleful  /ˈbeɪl fəl/


  1. (adj) threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments
  2. (adj) deadly or sinister


  1. It invites exploitation of and degrading competition among wives, with often baleful social and familial consequences.
  2. There was vague anxiety about machines that could think, a corner-of-the-eye vision of humanoid steel creatures winking out their possibly baleful computations.
  3. To be sure, many public schools and their baleful unions and wretched bureaucrats, their rigid rules and we-know-best manner have done a lot to hurt themselves.


  • AMC is splitting final season of 'Mad Men' into two parts over 2014-15

    Taking a cue from Breaking Bad 's infuriating method of splitting its season in two, Mad Men 's creators have elected to cut the final season of the series in two, airing over into 2015. Because we all want to see the increasingly baleful saga of Don Draper drag on as long as humanly possible.
    on September 18, 2013     Source: Tampa Bay Times


  1. Claiming that there was a direct link from "Osama Bin Laden in his cave to a terrorist flat in Bolton", Ashdown said: "Failure or withdrawal would lead to consequences that are baleful. I don't think these are consequences that we should...
    on Sep 21, 2009 By: Paddy Ashdown Source: Defence Management

  2. "The enemies are now trying to steal the sweetness of this feast with baleful provocation," Khamenei said, "therefore, the people especially the young blood should be completely alert, and supporters of the president-elect and other...
    on Jun 13, 2009 By: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Source: China Daily

  3. "In the backyard, we found what seemed like a small zoo," Obama wrote, "chickens and ducks running every which way, a big yellow dog with a baleful howl, two birds of paradise, a white cockatoo, and finally, two baby crocodiles,...
    on Sep 26, 2008 By: Barack Obama Source: ABC News

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