avow avow  /ə ˈvaʊ/


  1. (v) to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true
  2. (v) admit openly and bluntly; make no bones about


Derived Word(s)


  1. Dr Smith did not avow the real reason for canceling his trip to Africa but speculation was rife that he was no longer welcome in the University.
  2. There was none who did not avow sympathy for the prisoner for all took the position that Victor was being detained unlawfully.
  3. Mr Smith avowed that he had taken to the field knowing well that he wasn't fully fit.


  • Letter: Earth angels

    Freya Greenspahn, Naples: Anyone who checks a loved one into Avow Hospice for the end-of-life care can rest assured that he or she will be on the wings of angels for their flight to heaven.
    on June 5, 2013     Source: Naples Daily News


  • Nearly four decades after the American Revolution John Adams said, "The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were...... the general principles of Christianity...... Now I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that...
    on Jun 30, 2005 By: John Adams Source: Gray News

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