aflame aflame  /əf ˈleɪm/


  1. (adj) keenly excited (especially sexually) or indicating excitement
  2. (adj) lighted up by or as by fire or flame


  1. The video ends with the car set aflame and the cameraman apparently beaten unconscious.
  2. They hurled bottles filled with gasoline, setting coaches aflame.
  3. The Museum of Modern Art was aflame with Van Goghs, Cezannes, Toulouse-Lautrecs.


  • Dan Savage: By the Book

    The author, most recently, of “American Savage” keeps a copy of the “Anita Bryant Family Cookbook” on his shelves. Also: “Aflame for God,” a biography of Jerry Falwell.
    on June 28, 2013     Source: New York Times


  1. "Presidential elections ...... will settle this issue once and for all," Odinga said. "Kenya is aflame, and there'll be no peace in Kenya until this matter is settled satisfactorily."
    on Jan 22, 2008 By: Raila Odinga Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  2. After his stay in America during the 1830s, French essayist and philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville wrote, "Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius....
    on Sep 17, 2007 By: Alexis de Tocqueville Source: BYU Newsnet

  3. "The world is aflame and we have been pondering the knocked-up daughter of a pert and uncannily confident Alaskan mediocrity who was elevated to a national ticket for the purpose of changing the conversation," Leon Wieseltier, veteran New...
    on Sep 13, 2008 By: Leon Wieseltier Source: Toronto Star

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