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kloh ser

  • n  a person who closes something
    whoever is the closer has to turn out the lights and lock up
  • n  (baseball) a relief pitcher who can protect a lead in the last inning or two of the game
  • a  at or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other
  • a  close in relevance or relationship
  • a  not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances
  • s  rigorously attentive; strict and thorough
  • s  marked by fidelity to an original
  • s  (of a contest or contestants) evenly matched
  • s  crowded
  • s  lacking fresh air
  • s  of textiles
  • s  strictly confined or guarded
  • s  confined to specific persons
  • s  fitting closely but comfortably
  • s  used of hair or haircuts
  • s  giving or spending with reluctance
  • s  inclined to secrecy or reticence about divulging information
  • r  (comparative of `near' or `close') within a shorter distance
    come closer, my dear!
News & Articles


  • Barack Obama in AFP
    Today, after a lot of hard work in Congress, we are closer than ever before to finally passing reform that will reduce costs, expand coverage, and provide more choices for our families and businesses,Obama said in his weekly radio address....
  • President Bush in CNN
    Today, a narrow majority in the House of Representatives abdicated its responsibility by passing a war spending bill that has no chance of becoming law, and brings us no closer to getting our troops the resources they need,Bush said about an...
  • Edmund Hillary in USA Today
    We drew closer together as Tenzing brought in the slack on the rope. I continued cutting a line of steps upwards. Next moment I had moved onto a flattish exposed area of snow with nothing by space in every direction,Hillary wrote. "Tenzing...

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