neutralize neutralize  /ˈnu trə ˌlaɪz/


  1. (v) make politically neutral and thus inoffensive
  2. (v) make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of
  3. (v) oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions
  4. (v) get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing
  5. (v) make incapable of military action
  6. (v) make chemically neutral


  1. To their surprise, the B cells were able to neutralize a fair number of the viruses, but two of the antibodies produced by the cells clearly stood out as more potent than the rest.
  2. The experts claim that Israel needs a permanent group of 500 people to meditate in order to neutralize the acute ethnic and religious tensions that fuel violence in the region.
  3. But McCain advisers are aware that one of the goals of Democratic outreach to Evangelicals has been to simply neutralize their opposition.


  • Microsoft Builds A Mountain On The Farm To Beat Sony

    The battle between the new generation of gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony is on. Sony won round one when Microsoft tried to impose its highly unpopular restrictions on used game sales and internet connectivity on Xbox One. Microsoft has tried to neutralize Sony’s advantage by rescinding the restrictions.
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Forbes


  1. "There are two enemies we're fighting in Kandahar — the Taliban and corruption and poor governance," US Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday in Kabul after visiting Kandahar earlier in the day. "As we neutralize the Taliban, we have to...
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: Lindsey Graham Source: The Associated Press

  2. Medvedev said Iskander missiles would be deployed to Russia's western enclave of Kaliningrad, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, "to neutralize, if necessary, a missile defense system."
    on Nov 5, 2008 By: Dmitry Medvedev Source: FOXNews

  3. "I have to find a way to increase my speed," De La Hoya said. "We're three months away, and we have to figure out quick how we're going to neutralize him. It's going to be an explosive fight. We're going to fight in the center of the ring."
    on Aug 28, 2008 By: Oscar De La Hoya Source: USA Today

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