misdirect misdirect  /mɪs dɪ ˈrɛkt/


  1. (v) corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality
  2. (v) lead someone in the wrong direction or give someone wrong directions
  3. (v) put a wrong address on


  1. As usual, the Ford PR department did what it could to misdirect and dissemble.
  2. They moved so many road signs and town markers in order to misdirect Soviet troops that it was impossible for a stranger to find his way without constantly consulting a map.
  3. Adults frequently misdirect their anger toward spouses and children.


  1. THE RIDE: Which service best to expand?

    Entrepreneurs look for revenue-generators that won’t complicate or misdirect their businesses. The founder of a management consulting and coaching business, and co-founders of an energy-efficiency service and analysis business worked through the obstacle.
    on July 6, 2013     Source: Knoxville News Sentinel

  2. State of Illinois is just disastrous

    For decades, Springfield funded chronic overspending by shorting or skipping pension contributions. Now they misdirect blame onto participants of state pension systems, to grease the politically easiest "fix." This faces two basic obstacles: unions, and that pesky constitution clause mandating state pensions be neither impaired nor diminished. read more
    on July 5, 2013     Source: IlliniHQ.com


  1. "I don't think we should worry about angry people. They are likely to take your time, your effort and misdirect it," Zuma told an ANC Women's League function on Monday night, according to SABC.
    on Oct 28, 2008 By: Jacob Zuma Source: Reuters South Africa

  2. "They will find any excuse to oppose this bill, to drum up fear, to mislead, to misdirect and push people in the wrong direction, and to undermine what has been a meaningful, year-long, comprehensive effort to get something right," Moore said.
    on Jun 29, 2010 By: James Moore Source: The Wire Report

  3. J. Edgar Hoover said it was to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize (meaning assassinate)" black organizations like the Black Panthers the FBI wanted to destroy and pretty much did.
    on May 16, 2007 By: J Edgar Hoover Source: Center for Research on Globalization

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