mercilessness mercilessness


  1. (n) feelings of extreme heartlessness
  2. (n) inhumaneness evidenced by an unwillingness to be kind or forgiving


  1. Sir: The critics of our policy in Viet Nam cried murder and mercilessness when they learned about our use of harmless gas on the Viet Cong.
  2. Though he declared that death was merited by the mercilessness of the deed, the judge spared Bryant's life.
  3. It is easy and sometimes appealing to talk tough and demand mercilessness in the abstract.


  • Green parliamentarian Volker Beck said that Pope Benedict XVI's attitude toward homosexuality was "marked by theological mercilessness and the haughtiness of the Pharisees."
    on Jun 8, 2005 By: Volker Beck Source: Deutsche Welle

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