mawkishness mawkishness


  1. (n) insincere pathos
  2. (n) falsely emotional in a maudlin way


  1. There's none of the mawkishness or attendant melodrama that so often mars Hollywood entertainment for children.
  2. The Black Prince is a devilish smoker of cigarettes and a virgin, who is torn between self-disgust at this fault and contempt for the mawkishness of teen-age passion.
  3. There was mawkishness, anger, finger pointing, navel gazing, bathos, pathosevery possible response except forgetting.


  • Gimme Shelter

    Obstacle course. by Kelly Vance Gimme Shelter has a few obstacles to overcome. First, it's a social-problem pic, a genre that's always a potential minefield of generalization and mawkishness — in this case the chronicle of an unwanted, homeless, pregnant, sixteen-year old girl named Apple Bailey (played by Vanessa Hudgens from Spring Breakers, Machete Kills, and Sucker Punch), and how she makes ...
    on January 24, 2014     Source: East Bay Express

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