makeweight makeweight


  1. (n) anything added to fill out a whole
  2. (n) a weight added to the scale to reach a required weight


  1. His words, affixed in epigraph to Irwin Shaw's bestseller of 1948, seemed no more than intellectual makeweight in what proved to be a light package.
  2. In the book the plantation was no more than a makeweight for the whole way of life it implied.


  • Barcelona to Tease Tottenham With David Villa, Possible Wayne Rooney Makeweight

    Remember a week ago when it seemed Arsenal were at the mercy of Real Madrid when it involved Gonzalo Higuain ? Replace Arsenal with Tottenham , Real Madrid with Barcelona and Higuain with David Villa and the story repeats itself. Catalan-based Sport is of the mind that, once Wayne Rooney decides to leave Manchester United , Barcelona will dangle Villa as a makeweight to snare the transfer of the ...
    on July 4, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report


  1. Souness said: "I asked him what all this was about and he told me he was upset about the speculation that he was going to be sold or used as a makeweight in an incoming transfer."
    on Jan 25, 2005 By: Graeme Souness Source: This is London

  2. "Even though I was the makeweight in the deal, Tommy Docherty [Chelsea's manager in 1966] kept saying he had the better buy," Baldwin said.
    on Dec 14, 2007 By: Tommy Baldwin Source:

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