luster luster  /ˈlə stər/


  1. (n) a quality that outshines the usual
  2. (n) the visual property of something that shines with reflected light
  3. (n) a surface coating for ceramics or porcelain


  1. The Ice Storm; After a judging scandal tarnished its luster, figure skating got a new scoring system.
  2. As she smiles, her cheeks, smoothed and buffed to an eerie luster, become even more impossibly taut.
  3. It is the magic phrase that brings luster to any career, sells tickets at the box office, moves millions of dvds.


  1. Two flags

    I visited my parents’ graves a few months back. Dad, William E. Epps, Jr. (“Bill” to his friends and “Junior” to his siblings), died in 1996, and Mom (Thelma Kathleen Luster Epps) followed him about six years later. Dad served in the United States Navy during the waning days of World War II and his service is indicated on his marker at Oak Hill Memorial Park. A few years ago, I started taking an ...
    on June 15, 2013     Source: The Fayette Citizen

  2. The Fantasy Freak Show Podcast: Ball to the wall, Blanks and ‘Zona’s cracked Bell

    With many fanatics mired in a June swoon, the tedium of fantasy baseball is starting to lose its luster, diverting attention away to what lies ahead. Just weeks away to the sound of pads cracking and cleats clacking, the fantasy football season is closer than you think. On this week's info-taining program, we caught you [...]
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Roto Arcade via Yahoo! Sports

  3. Circling 'The Bling Ring' hot (or not) spots around Los Angeles

    In scouting L.A. locations for Sofia Coppola's new film, production designer Anne Ross discovers that sometimes the starry life lacks luster. In Hollywood, all that glitters is not gold — or even fool's gold.        
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times


  1. "Owning this great franchise is special," Gillett said. "We want to add to that luster, not detract from that luster."
    on Feb 6, 2007 By: George Gillett Source: ESPN

  2. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican who followed the governor to the podium at a state party convention, said the reason the party lost control of Congress "is not because our ideas lost their luster, but our leaders lost their way."
    on Sep 13, 2007 By: Rick Perry Source:

  3. "This record is not the standard autobiographical thing like when we first started," says Stump, sitting with his bandmates as they prepared to tape a concert special for Fuse TV. "Autobiography loses its luster when everyone is doing it."
    on Dec 16, 2008 By: Patrick Stump Source: 33 KDAF-TV

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