longboat longboat


  • (n) the largest boat carried by a merchant sailing vessel


  1. The longboat with its spindly mast and tattered sail struggled on.
  2. Guests are ferried around Bangkok by the villas' own longboat, river launch or tuk tuk.
  3. Now 75 and living in well-fed Australian retirement, Sir James Gordon Partridge Bisset sits in the lee of the longboat and spins a salty yarn of life in an oldtime square-rigger.


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    Town staff has presented the Longboat Key Town Commission with a list of nine draft questions it crafted this week for a consultant that’s in charge of using the questions to map the town’s future.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Longboat Observer

  2. Gig Harbor BoatShop offers new classes

    The Gig Harbor BoatShop will introduce educational and corporate team-building programs aboard the longboat “Porpoise” this summer.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: The Peninsula Gateway

  3. Replica of War of 1812 longboat to be christened in Sandusky

    Replica of War of 1812 longboat to be christened in Sandusky It’s the most famous moment in the Battle of Lake Erie. Surrounded by dead or wounded men, his flagship a wreck, Oliver Hazard Perry refused to admit he’d lost the battle to the British. Tom Jackson Sandusky Jun 10, 2013 if (!window.OX_ads) { OX_ads = []; } OX_ads.push({ "auid" : "417989" }); document.write(' '); Instead, he jumped ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: The Sandusky Register


  1. Georg Holm, Sigur Ros band member, said: "Like all Icelanders we are intensely proud of our mighty homeland in the far North Atlantic. It is in our Viking blood to want to conquer nations and peoples, but our longboat was in the repair shop having...
    on Mar 7, 2008 By: Georg Holm Source: Brand Republic (subscription)

  2. "Tom Longboat was a brave Ontarian, who demonstrated strength and poise in the face of discrimination and ridicule," Colle said. "Proclaiming June 4 as Tom Longboat Day in Ontario will provide our children and all Ontarians the opportunity to...
    on Apr 19, 2010 By: Mike Colle Source: Wawatay News

  3. "Longboat remained an employee of the city for nearly 20 years, a dependable man who worked quietly, owned a car, provided for his family and had a circle of close friends. But in the eyes of the public . . . he had fallen to the bottom,"...
    on Apr 14, 2007 By: Blaikie Source: Globe and Mail

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