littleness littleness


  1. (n) the property of having a relatively small size
  2. (n) the property of having relatively little strength or vigor
  3. (n) lack of generosity in trifling matters



  1. The city overwhelms with its bigness but spawns littleness too.
  2. Perhaps he will think that it is the limit of littleness in nature.
  3. Unrepentant, he emerged to pull the noses of most of the important little men of the age, in cartoons which showed up their littleness and made them look funny besides.


  1. "When you're (Porter's) size, you need to be in attack mode to offset your littleness," Kent said. "You've got to use your quickness to get people on their heels and back them up. And then the transformation comes to knowing when to do that...
    on Feb 28, 2008 By: Ernie Kent Source: Salem Statesman Journal

  2. "There must have been a hundred little towns like it," writes Robinson, "set up in the heat of an old urgency that is all forgotten now, and their littleness and their shabbiness, which was the measure of the courage and passion that went...
    on Nov 15, 2004 By: Marilynne Robinson Source: TIME

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