lamentation lamentation


  1. (n) a cry of sorrow and grief
  2. (n) the passionate and demonstrative activity of expressing grief



  1. Dusty and Sweets McGee is not even so much a movie about dope as it is about a lifestyle; it is a lamentation for part of a generation crazily enamored of slow narcotic suicide.
  2. So clamorous was the public lamentation that Evita's funeral was postponed indefinitely.
  3. But this serenity was soon shattered by the sounds of screams and lamentation, wailing and calls for help, echoes of which never stopped sounding in my ears.


  1. 150 YEARS AGO: Eight slaves sold to settle debts of Boone County man

    COLUMBIA — Eight slaves were sold to pay the debts of Nathaniel Wilson, bringing $1,493 and a lamentation that war had destroyed the value of human property.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Columbia Daily Tribune

  2. Alexandria should embrace its small town feel

    On June 6, the Giant Food stores located on Beauregard Street and at Bradlee Shopping Center closed. A little less than six months prior, ditto for the Magruders in Seminary Plaza, when the local chain went out of business. And there was nary a word of lamentation in the local press.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Fairfax County Times

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