jab jab  /ˈdʒæb/


  1. (n) a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow)
  2. (n) a quick short straight punch
  3. (n) the act of touching someone suddenly with your finger or elbow
  4. (v) poke or thrust abruptly
  5. (v) strike or punch with quick and short blows
  6. (v) stab or pierce

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  1. In the meantime, women in Tokyo will tell you that a shrill scream, coupled with a jab of an umbrella or a stiletto, is the only defense when one doesn't have room to swing a purse.
  2. He throws that wicked jab and is so quick to dodge trouble.
  3. He flicked the famous snakelike jab, laced together combinations and shot rights to Spinks' head.


  1. Microsoft berates iPad again in new Windows 8 tablet ad

    Microsoft is continuing its ad campaign comparing its various Windows 8 tablets to the iPad with a new television spot featuring the Dell XPS 10. This time around, the Redmond-based company takes a jab at the iPad’s inability to pinch-to-zoom on the home screen, as well as not having an SD card slot or do Read The Full Story
    on June 14, 2013     Source: SlashGear

  2. Who Has the Advantage with the Silencing of the Trayvon Jury?

    Four days into the most high-profile jury selection in America, the judge in the case of the killing of Trayvon Martin acknowledge how influential — and easily influenced — the 10 jurors will be, and they haven't even been picked yet. But Judge Debra Nelson ordered the deciders-in-waiting to be sequestered for the length of the trial, in a kind of side jab at the defense potentially signaling ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News

  3. Melissa McCarthy Finally Responds to Rex Reed's "Tractor-Sized" Insult

    Breaking her silence after four months, Melissa McCarthy finally responds to Rex Reed's cruel "tractor-sized" jab from his February review of Identity Thief.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: US Weekly

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  1. "I was really happy with my jab. I think he brought his best out tonight. He's a great small man. Don't forget, I came from a small weight class, too," said Mayweather, who began his career at junior lightweight (130). "I know when you're in...
    on Sep 19, 2009 By: Floyd Mayweather Jr Source: USA Today

  2. "He wins all the time," Woods said of the trash-talking battle. "I'll just throw out a jab every now and then, but basically this is my home court, so it's a little easier for me. On his court, it would be a little different deal."
    on May 2, 2007 By: Tiger Wood Source: SportingNews.com

  3. "I was out in Germany to watch Wladimir Klitschko bore everybody to sleep with his jab," Haye told the BBC Sunday. "It's all done and dusted; just need to dot the i's and cross the t's."
    on Dec 18, 2008 By: David Haye Source: Moscow News

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