insightfulness insightfulness


  • (n) shrewdness shown by keen insight


  • In life, take time to see the greater vision

    One of the amazing aspects of Dante's vision is his insightfulness regarding depression and the way it paralyzes. The power of The Divine Comedy is how it takes the reader on a journey toward wholeness.
    on January 24, 2014     Source: The Augusta Chronicle


  1. "40 agreements reached during the fifth dialogue have once again proved the insightfulness and productiveness of this mechanism," Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said in his meeting with the US delegation to the SED headed by the US Treasury...
    on Dec 5, 2008 By: Wen Jiabao Source: Xinhua

  2. "He was wonderfully generous with his time and insightfulness," Mr. Klose said of his numerous meetings with Mr. Cleghorn in his Cleveland Park home in Northwest Washington.
    on Mar 17, 2009 By: Kevin Klose Source: Baltimore Sun

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