impracticality impracticality


  • (n) concerned with theoretical possibilities rather than actual use


  1. Despite the outfits' impracticality, celebrities and the extremely wealthy will occasionally wear a designer's outrageous creations in public.
  2. In Bombay, ironically, religious tensions are eased by the sheer impracticality of communal segregation in a city of 16 million.
  3. After a year of study and refinement in the Executive Branch, the Strategic Defense Initiative now implicitly accepts the impracticality of a leakproof umbrella.


  • To Wire Or Not To Wire – Which Monitoring Communication System Should You Consider?

    There are many reasons why wireless sensor communications seem to be the complete panacea for a wide area monitoring system. So why hasn’t wireless monitoring completely replaced the traditional wired sensor? From the impracticality of running hundreds of feet of cable throughout a warehouse, equipment continually being moved around a facility, to the physicalities of a cleanroom not allowing ...
    on December 2, 2013     Source: BioresearchOnline

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