impertinent impertinent  /ɪm ˈpɜr tə nənt/


  1. (adj) improperly forward or bold
  2. (adj) not pertinent to the matter under consideration
  3. (adj) characterized by a lightly pert and exuberant quality


  1. Brazil Foreign Minister Celso Amorim said Micheletti's government sent an "impertinent and inadequate" note Monday to the embassy announcing it would seal off the compound.
  2. That answer is impertinent and has nothing to do with the current conversation.
  3. Julian's impertinent behavior at the sales counter cost him his job.


  • EMMYS: ‘Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes

    Diane Haithman is an AwardsLine contributor. Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes on what he’s learned in the business: On giving advice In a way, I always think advice is rather impertinent really, because I’m not aware of knowing anything that anyone else doesn’t. I suppose the only thing I would say to young writers is if you want to do these courses and read these books, just remember that ...
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Deadline Hollywood


  1. "It was really important to honor the tone of the story, which is very still and elegant and full of grace," Polley said. "I also felt it would be really impertinent for me to use this story to prove my chops as a young filmmaker. It is...
    on May 1, 2007 By: Sarah Polley Source: FOXNews

  2. Asked if he was drunk, Mr Abbott said: "That is an impertinent question. I had dinner with the gentlemen you mentioned, there's no doubt we had a couple of bottles of wine, I wasn't keeping count, maybe two."
    on Mar 7, 2009 By: Tony Abbott Source:

  3. "My old friend [Mourinho]," Ferguson said, "I can see him now in his press conference saying 'I have a good record against Manchester'. Some people don't like him because he is impertinent, too sure of himself. Me, I like him a lot. He does...
    on Feb 22, 2009 By: Sir Alex Ferguson Source: Independent

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