headlong headlong  /ˈhɛd ˌlɔŋ/


  1. (adj) excessively quick
  2. (adj) with the head foremost
  3. (adv) with the head foremost
  4. (adv) at breakneck speed
  5. (adv) in a hasty and foolhardy manner


  1. As the clangs and hoots echoed through the ship, officers and men tumbled out of bunks, rushed headlong for battle stations.
  2. From the moment you set foot in the boomtowns of the Rio Grande Valley, you sense you are watching the gold rush, headlong and free spirited and corrupt and ingenious.
  3. Allen and I dashed out of the Situation Room and ran headlong up the narrow stairs.


  1. Praters rolls into United tortilla business

    Praters Foods, United Supermarkets' prepared foods division, has plunged headlong into the tortilla business, launching two house brands for its parent stores this spring.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

  2. U.K.'s Headlong Appoints Jeremy Herrin as New Artistic Director

    Jeremy Herrin, former deputy artistic director of London's Royal Court Theatre from 2009-2012, is to take over as artistic director of the U.K. touring company Headlong.
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Playbill

  3. Headlong Dance Theater at Danspace Project

    “Avalanche,” a work by Headlong Dance Theater, hints at the phases a dancer or actor goes through in a lifetime.
    on June 8, 2013     Source: New York Times


  1. "The brown pelican is known for its fishing displays, plunging headlong from the air into the water and rising with a mouthful of fish," Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne said in announcing the delisting proposal.
    on Feb 24, 2008 By: Dirk Kempthorne Source: Winston-Salem Journal (registration)

  2. Mr Clegg said: "The Government's onward march towards a surveillance state has now become a headlong rush. They seem determined to hoover up the DNA details of as many people as they can, regardless of guilt or innocence. We already have by far the...
    on Aug 2, 2007 By: Nick Clegg Source: Channel 4 News

  3. "This is an opportunity now for Stephen Harper to make a choice," Layton said. "Does he want to demonstrate some sort of leadership and make this Parliament work or is he going to take us headlong into an election? That's his choice."
    on Sep 14, 2009 By: Jack Layton Source: CTV.ca

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