hatbox hatbox


  • (n) a round piece of luggage for carrying hats


  1. Suskind reports new details on Delta Force's shipment of a hatbox-sized container to Dulles Airport in Washington's Virginia suburbs in mid-2002.
  2. As the door closed, Clarissa Eden opened the hatbox, took out a small cushion and tucked it behind her husband's head.
  3. In fact, the Space Age's first orbiting digital computer, a hatbox-sized model that can make 7,000 separate calculations a second, went along for the ride in Gemini.


  • Love-Hatbox task force presents plans

    Developing Love-Hatbox Sports Complex as a regional draw for a variety of activities and entertainment moved a little closer to reality Tuesday. The recommendations of a task force made up of Parks and Recreation Board members and various stakeholders were shared with city councilors.
    on August 21, 2013     Source: Muskogee Phoenix


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