gladiolus gladiolus  /ɡ ˌlæ di ˈoʊ ləs/


  1. (n) any of numerous plants of the genus Gladiolus native chiefly to tropical and South Africa having sword-shaped leaves and one-sided spikes of brightly colored funnel-shaped flowers; widely cultivated
  2. (n) the large central part of the breastbone



  1. Plant breeders have done many curious things to the gladiolus.
  2. Glorious spears of gladiolus were selected in a vivid, singing reda most triumphant note all through the worship, that day.
  3. The candidate for his interest right now, said Wallace, is a new hybrid gladiolus seedling which he is developing.


  • Bucket Brigade a highlight of Gladiolus Days

    ST. CHARLES, Minn. — Volleyball players and firefighters competed against each other in St. Charles’ Bucket Brigade Contest as part of Gladiolus Days on Saturday afternoon.
    on August 25, 2013     Source: Winona Daily News

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