give-and-go give-and-go


  • (n) a basketball maneuver; one offensive player passes the ball to another, then runs toward the basket to take a return pass


  1. They pass well enough to set up plays, can drive on the give-and-go.
  2. Crosby led ten enlistees through a lively, give-and-go session of Royal Garden Blues.



  1. "He's a good skater, he's got a great shot, he sees the ice well. We think that he's going to be able to play a give-and-go kind of a game that we'd like to develop," Rangers general manager Glen Sather said. "We've changed the style of our...
    on Jul 3, 2008 By: Glen Sather Source:

  2. "You kind of just go with what your line is made up of," said Heatley, who has five goals in the past three games. "With Kells and Alfie, it's more give-and-go, chip it in and move the puck a little bit more."
    on Jan 8, 2007 By: Dany Heatley Source:

  3. "He's been playing great," Matt Stajan told Calgary's Web site of Bourque. "He's a fast guy and we've been able to do some give-and-go plays, work the corners a bit, and it's opened up some space in the offensive zone to find Jarome or find...
    on Mar 11, 2010 By: Matt Stajan Source: TSN

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