formula formula  /ˈfɔrmjə lə/


  1. (n) a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement
  2. (n) directions for making something
  3. (n) a conventionalized statement expressing some fundamental principle
  4. (n) a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements
  5. (n) something regarded as a normative example
  6. (n) a liquid food for infants
  7. (n) (mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems

Derived Word(s)


  1. The new formula for doling out money was supposed to redistribute it more equitably among states most at risk.
  2. But the Web owes much of its existence to Philip Emeagwali, a math whiz who came up with the formula for allowing a large number of computers to communicate at once.
  3. There is another handy feature to his formula: anybody who is too far gone to work it out is too far gone.


  1. Brown Box Formula Bonuses Now Launched Online for Marketers at

    Brown Box Formula bonuses for marketers are now launched online at the website. These bonus offers are in combination with a review of additional bonus types published in the marketing community for Ryan Deiss product launches this year. (PRWeb June 11, 2013) Read the full story at
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  2. Formula One in Driver’s Seat on Loan Interest: Corporate Finance

    Formula One is relying on its auto- racing dominance in Europe and a welcoming loan market to slash borrowing costs even as its chief executive may be charged with bribery and private-equity owners pull cash from the business.
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  3. Formula One drivers lead tributes to dead marshal

    (Reuters) - Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel has led other drivers in paying tribute to a Canadian Grand Prix marshal who died after being run over by a mobile crane during Sunday's race in Montreal. "The work of marshals is not always seen, but it is vital to our sport and without their commitment, time and dedication, there would be no motorsport," Red Bull's race winner said on his ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News


  1. When referring to the circumstances, Schumacher said: "Though it is true that the chapter of Formula One has been completely closed for me for a long time, it is also true that for loyalty reasons to the team I cannot ignore that unfortunate...
    on Aug 1, 2009 By: Michael Schumacher Source:

  2. "That was the most pathetic racing tire I've ever been on in my professional career," Tony Stewart said. "They (Goodyear) exited out of Formula One ...... IRL ...... CART ...... World of Outlaws and there is a reason for that. Goodyear can't...
    on Mar 10, 2008 By: Tony Stewart Source: Charlotte Observer

  3. "Testimony should be on the record and under oath," Mr. Leahy said, repeating a demand that he first made on network television over the weekend. "That's the formula for true accountability."
    on Mar 20, 2007 By: Patrick Leahy Source: New York Times

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