formal formal  /ˈfɔr məl/


  1. (n) a lavish dance requiring formal attire
  2. (n) a gown for evening wear
  3. (adj) being in accord with established forms and conventions and requirements (as e.g. of formal dress)
  4. (adj) characteristic of or befitting a person in authority
  5. (adj) (of spoken and written language) adhering to traditional standards of correctness and without casual, contracted, and colloquial forms
  6. (adj) represented in simplified or symbolic form
  7. (adj) logically deductive
  8. (adj) refined or imposing in manner or appearance; befitting a royal court


Derived Word(s)


  • But after Messier was held in jail for 36 hours recently by magistrates who opened a formal criminal investigation against him, the big question is no longer how inept he's been.


  1. Video: U.S. pressures Hong Kong to extradite Snowden

    Following formal charges of espionage brought against Edward Snowden, the White House said that if Hong Kong does not extradite him soon, it would ìcomplicate relations with the U.S.î Snowden is believed to be hiding in Hong Kong and has vowed to fight extradition. Dan Raviv reports.
    on June 23, 2013     Source: CBS News

  2. BELLEVILLE: City Council approves 2013-14 budget, but formal fire uniforms not funded

    BELLEVILLE — The City Council approved a $2.1 million budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year June 3, but declined a late request by Fire Chief Brian Loranger to add money for formal uniforms.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: The Belleville View

  3. Teranga Announces Formal Offer to Acquire Oromin Explorations Ltd.

    Teranga Announces Formal Offer to Acquire Oromin Explorations Ltd.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: CNW Group via Yahoo! Finance


  1. "You drag this out as long as you can," responded McCain in a moment of candor. "You don't just have one. ...... This is the announcement preceding the formal announcement."
    on Mar 1, 2007 By: John McCain Source: CBS News

  2. "We explored and will continue to explore all available options for funding and/or selling Saab," Jan-Ake Jonsson, the managing director, said. "It was determined a formal reorganisation would be the best way to create a truly independent...
    on Feb 20, 2009 By: Ulrika Jonsson Source: Times Online

  3. "There's no formal offer of help from Minister Farrakhan that would involve me rejecting it. But if the word 'reject' Senator Clinton feels is stronger than the word 'denounce,' then I'm happy to concede the point, and I would reject and...
    on Feb 26, 2008 By: Barack Obama Source: Dayton Daily News

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