encrypt encrypt  /ɛn ˈkrɪpt/


  • (v) convert ordinary language into code


  1. Once this is done, you're ready to encrypt your e-mail or other files.
  2. Justice and the computer industry are increasingly optimistic that a compromise on encryption can be reached.
  3. Quantum-computing technology is currently being used to encrypt data, but it holds a lot more potential than that, if only because of its massive information-storage capacity.


  1. IEHP reveals theft of laptop with members' records

    RANCHO CUCAMONGA -- The Inland Empire Health Plan announced a potential privacy breach of personal health information for 1,566 of its members after an unencrypted laptop was stolen.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

  2. Try SafeGDocs to encrypt your stored Google documents

    For those storing lots of documents in the Google cloud, a little extra protection is available with add-ons that encrypt and decrypt docs.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: TechRepublic

  3. How to encrypt your email

    Reader Jack Burns is a bit disconcerted by some recent news. He writes: After reading stories about the U.S. government’s program to collect phone and Internet data I’m a little concerned about my email privacy. What can I do to encrypt my email? I’d first suggest that you take a gander at How To Protect Your PC From PRISM Surveillance from my pals over at PCWorld. As its name implies, it offers ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Macworld


  1. "TSA dropped the ball when they chose to ignore recommendations set forth by OMB to encrypt sensitive information," said Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. "This is not a technological problem but...
    on Jul 16, 2007 By: Bennie Thompson Source: Guardian Unlimited

  2. "What the report showed, which was correct, was that we weren't taking the proper steps to protect some laptops," Everson said. "We've worked to encrypt all of the laptops and that's just about done. We've got a couple dozen more we've got to...
    on Apr 10, 2007 By: Mark Everson Source: PC World

  3. "When we first started, in the late 1990s, it was all about documents being faxed to us," McClure says. "Today : we have the Internet. We can encrypt Web traffic for security, and we can also increase the speed and availability of the...
    on Jun 22, 2008 By: Doug McClure Source: USA Today

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