dipsomaniac dipsomaniac


  • (n) a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually



  1. In the villa, matching its decay with his own collapse, lives Geoffrey Firmin, onetime British vice-consul in Quauhnahuac, now a mentally tortured, helpless dipsomaniac.
  2. A dipsomaniac's progress, brilliantly acted by Ray Milland.
  3. In Hollywood's version of The Lost Weekend, it was the dubbed-in songs of Theodora Lynch Getty that drove the dipsomaniac hero to drink.


  • Young and the Restless Undergoes Changes in Cast

    An actress who already plays the part of a dipsomaniac on “The Young and the Restless” has chosen a similar role as a booze-addicted librarian on “The Crazy Ones”. The slightly aged Marilyn Monroe-...
    on February 28, 2014     Source: I4U

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