dapple dapple


  1. (n) a small contrasting part of something
  2. (v) colour with streaks or blotches of different shades


  1. Only in an epilogue and incidental notes does Collaborator Whitehill manage to chip off the dapple paint and reveal the metal beneath.
  2. He ran as he never had before, nosed out the dapple-grey favorite, First Fiddle, in a four-horse photo finish.
  3. Marshal Badoglio rode into the Ethiopian capital on a small dapple-grey.


  • Endless Summer

    The terminus of summer and the transition to fall offers a veritable feast of fishing opportunities, and as the gilded leaves of aspen and larch dapple in the waning summer light, the trout, glimmering just beneath the surface of the Flathead River, experience what guides call “the need to feed.” Some of the best angling occurs at the tail end of the busy summer season, and although outfitters ...
    on September 4, 2013     Source: Flathead Beacon

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