card card  /ˈkɑrd/


  1. (n) one of a set of small pieces of stiff paper marked in various ways and used for playing games or for telling fortunes
  2. (n) a card certifying the identity of the bearer
  3. (n) a rectangular piece of stiff paper used to send messages (may have printed greetings or pictures)
  4. (n) thin cardboard, usually rectangular
  5. (n) a witty amusing person who makes jokes
  6. (n) a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement
  7. (n) a printed or written greeting that is left to indicate that you have visited
  8. (n) (golf) a record of scores (as in golf)
  9. (n) a list of dishes available at a restaurant
  10. (n) (baseball) a list of batters in the order in which they will bat
  11. (n) a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities
  12. (v) separate the fibers of
  13. (v) ask someone for identification to determine whether he or she is old enough to consume liquor


  1. If you're tired of the sloppy, mawkish sentiment that is the stock-in-trade of most mainstream greeting cards and e-cards, then you'll want to visit someecards.
  2. The American Express black card is the ultimate status symbol.
  3. Debit cards have been presented as the safer alternative to credit cards.


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  1. "I think it was definitely not a red card," Australia coach Pim Verbeek said. "What can you do with your arm? You can't cut it off."
    on Jun 20, 2010 By: Pim Verbeek Source: The Associated Press

  2. "The American people know it isn't right to simply add the cost of this spending to our already-overdrawn national credit card," said Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan, the top Republican on the Ways and Means Committee, after the House rejection on...
    on Jun 30, 2010 By: David Lee Camp Source: Kansas City Star

  3. "The red card was completely unfair," Brazil coach Dunga said.
    on Jun 21, 2010 By: Carlos Dunga Source: The Canadian Press

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