buttressed buttressed  /ˈbə trəst/


  • (adj) held up by braces or buttresses


  1. With only two years of high school behind him, and buttressed by an intense auto-didacticism, Farnsworth gained admission to Brigham Young University.
  2. The rights of citizens might have been buttressed by the Daily 's scoopbut at a price.
  3. Instead, the building, buttressed by 60 interior columns, serves as a gallery for 36 immense, hand-blown stained- glass windows.


  • Everyone Is Showing the Centers of Their Bras

    Demi Lovato appears on Cosmopolitan's August cover in a plunging orange dress that reveals the underwire-buttressed center of an ornate teal bra. When it comes to bra-flaunting, center-bra is notoriously difficult since wearers basically end up naked from neck to sternum. But in our modern era of midriff exposure and ribcage cutouts, ... More »        
    on July 2, 2013     Source: New York Magazine


  1. Chairman and Chief Executive Gerard Arpey said the new liquidity and financing "have buttressed our financial foundation and added flexibility to our near-term and future plans."
    on Sep 29, 2009 By: Gerard Arpey Source: Wall Street Journal

  2. "Other companies may be suffering," Murdoch said in a telephone hookup with analysts from Beijing. "But our confidence and ambition is buttressed by a very healthy balance sheet."
    on Aug 5, 2008 By: Rupert Murdoch Source: BusinessWeek

  3. "My confidence in Hong Kong's future is buttressed by our advantage in having the Mainland as our hinterland," said John Tsang, financial secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, when delivering the 2009-2010-budget speech at...
    on Feb 24, 2009 By: John Tsang Source: Xinhua

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