broken-down broken-down


  1. (adj) in deplorable condition
  2. (adj) not in working order


  1. People reacted as if vast quantities of treasure were discovered in the trunk of a broken-down Hyundai abandoned on their street.
  2. When most people hear about vintage things, they conjure up someone's broken-down clutter or maybe a quaint item of dress.
  3. The feature was often a broken-down B-minus monster movie, and pretty much an aesthetic anticlimax after the seven-minute masterpieces that opened the show.


  • A little bite of prison life

    Untold truths and strife seem muted in the silent chamber hallways of Eastern State Penitentiary with its aged, cracking teal paint; broken-down cells, and, outside, layering moss. However, last Saturday - as the sun peaked through an ominously bleak, rain-threatened Philadelphia day - tourists were in for a real taste of what the life of an inmate was like.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

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