bedevil bedevil  /bɪ ˈdɛ vəl/


  1. (v) treat cruelly
  2. (v) be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly


  1. The arbitrary rules that govern English bedevil nonnative students of the language as much as they torment would-be spelling-bee champs.
  2. However, years of mistrust bedevil the peace process.
  3. He learned that about 80% of medical mistakes are the result of predictable mental traps, or cognitive errors, that bedevil all human beings.


  • Royals keep rolling with 7-2 victory over Rays

    Billy Butler paced an efficient 10-hit attack with two singles and three RBIs as the Royals won Friday for the ninth time in 10 games, beating the Tampa Bay Rays 7-2 at Tropicana Field. Salvy Perez added two hits and two RBIs. And Elliot Johnson continued to bedevil his former teammates.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: The Kansas City Star


  1. "At one level in South Africa, you don't have the ethnic rivalries that bedevil a lot of African countries. The ANC makes a concerted effort not to favor any one group," Edgar says.
    on Dec 6, 2007 By: Robert Edgar Source: NPR

  2. Thomson said he was satisfied that Rosato did "frighten, scare, annoy, bedevil ...... badger ...... continuously or chronically" until he wore his young wife down with fear and exhaustion.
    on Sep 6, 2007 By: Gordon Thomson Source: Toronto Star

  3. "The unease, suspicion and cynicism that bedevil Israeli- Palestinian relations can be attributed in large part to the fact that the disengagement is not taking place within an unequivocally agreed framework for the next steps toward the overall...
    on Jul 21, 2005 By: Alvaro de Soto Source: People's Daily Online

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