aristotelian aristotelian  /ə ˌrɪ stə ˈti li ən/


  1. (n) a follower of Aristotle or an adherent of Aristotelianism
  2. (adj) of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy


  1. "This work adheres to Aristotelian unity more than anything I've ever done," Mr. Kushner said. "it's not short episodic scenes, but long scenes set in the same location in Brooklyn. I think by nature I'm an epic writer rather than an...
    on Mar 22, 2010 By: Tony Kushner Source: New York Times

  2. Rand, Greenspan explains deadpan, was "a devoted Aristotelian" and believed in "an objective reality that is separate from consciousness and capable of being known."
    on Oct 12, 2007 By: Alan Greenspan Source: New York Times

  3. In college, Danticat writes, she found out her dad's letters were written in a "diamond sequence, the Aristotelian 'Poetics' of correspondence."
    on Sep 10, 2007 By: Edwidge Danticat Source: Christian Science Monitor

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