agonised agonised


  • (adj) expressing pain or agony


  • Creating a North XI vs. South XI from the Premier League's Best of 2013-14

    We've all created and agonised over fantasy football teams at the beginning of the campaign, switching and swapping the best and most expensive players and hoping they have a great season. At the end of the year, the Premier League Team of the Year merges players from different clubs, too, creating a best-of from the top flight for fans to dissect and argue over. This time, we're going one step ...
    on April 17, 2014     Source: Bleacher Report


  1. "For a lifetime it seems, I have agonised over the way stereotypes, reinforced by popular culture and the media, can set the emotional and political stage for policies that result in chronic misunderstanding," Jordan's Queen Noor, a co-founder...
    on Jan 15, 2008 By: Queen Noor Source: ABC Online

  2. "We agonised over it at the outset and, periodically, over the last seven months," Keller said. "Of all the subjects we discussed with the family, that was the one we discussed more intensively than any other: Should we change strategy and go...
    on Jun 21, 2009 By: Bill Keller Source: WA today

  3. Meanwhile Mr Mandelson said: "I agonised over this decision because of my loyalty to my constituents - Hartlepool has been the bedrock of my life."
    on Jul 23, 2004 By: Peter Mandelson Source: ic

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