aforethought aforethought  /ə ˈfɔr ˌθɑt/


  • (adj) planned in advance



  1. While it's always nice to know there was no malice aforethought, infrastructure failures suggest a homeland that is less than secure.
  2. Reporter Bainbridge traveled to Texas and with malice aforethought reported exactly what he found there.
  3. Reporter Bainbridge traveled to Texas, and with malice aforethought reported exactly what he found there.


  • Aaron Hernandez murder, gun charges explained

    Under Massachusetts law, murder occurs in the first degree when it is "committed with deliberately premeditated malice aforethought, or with extreme atrocity or cruelty, or in the commission or attempted commission of a crime."
    on June 27, 2013     Source:


  1. "There is no doubt in my mind that what Zaccardelli did was improper," Martin writes. "The only question there can be about the incident is whether it was an act of ineptitude or of malice aforethought. My own view is that no one can be that...
    on Oct 24, 2008 By: Paul Martin Source: The Gazette (Montreal)

  2. As Sirhan stated in an outburst at his trial: "I killed Robert Kennedy, willfully, premeditatedly, and with 20 years of malice aforethought."
    on Aug 6, 2004 By: Sirhan Sirhan Source: WorldNetDaily

  3. The legal definition of murder, as Bugliosi tells us, is "the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought."
    on Jun 22, 2008 By: Vincent Bugliosi Source: Lew Rockwell

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