overstretch overstretch


  • (v) strain abnormally


  1. And those on the political right have taken to characterizing the CFPA as a classic case of Democratic regulatory overstretch.
  2. With Preparing for the Twenty-First Century, Kennedy has fallen victim to the academic version of imperial overstretch.
  3. They saw it as a form of imperial overstretch, to use the now famous phrase of Professor Paul Kennedy.


  1. "It's clear that as overstretch hits hard, the Government is having to scratch around to find anywhere from which it can withdraw troops to then send to Afghanistan," said Dr Fox.
    on Feb 28, 2007 By: Liam Fox Source: UK Express

  2. Rome's military success made made it very rich and its leaders arrogant leading to what Johnson calls "the first case of what today we call imperial overstretch."
    on Feb 28, 2007 By: Chalmers Johnson Source: Mathaba.Net

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