outfox outfox  /aʊt ˈfɑks/


  1. (v) outdo someone in trickery
  2. (v) beat through cleverness and wit


  1. And for more than five years, he managed to outfox a $24 million manhunt that included a $1 million bounty.
  2. There's no mistaking Hollywood's sudden urge to outfox the mouse.
  3. KKR outfox Ross Johnson's group and walk off with RJR Nabisco, but the price comes with a colossal debt load.


  • To Crack Down On Rhino Poaching, Authorities Turn To Drones

    Sky-high prices for elephant ivory and rhino horn have pushed wildlife poaching to a fever pitch. So in attempt to outfox the sophisticated poaching operations, conservationists and government rangers are teaming up to launch small, camera-carrying drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, above southwest Africa.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: NPR

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