nonperformance nonperformance


  • (n) failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances



  1. The only exposure for EDS is in the unlikely event of nonperformance by our company, which would permit the customer to terminate the contract.
  2. In a multiplicity of problems such as the Secretary of War's lies a great excuse for nonperformance.
  3. Lovedart is an agreeable fake, a master of the command nonperformance, an angel, yes, but also a duke- duke-duke of the lip-sync world.


  • Conversation with Liz Henderson

    Spoiler alert. Neither Alafala nor Arya were particularly notable in their performance, or in Arya’s case, nonperformance, in Puppy Bowl X, Animal Planet’s canine version of the Super Bowl that begins airing 3 p.
    on February 1, 2014     Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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