non-white non-white


  • (adj) having skin rich in melanin pigments



  1. In the quarter-century of Hollywood feature films before 1940, only two non-white actors had been regularly cast in starring roles.
  2. Another reality the founders could not have possibly foreseen was that a country that originally enslaved African Americans would be a majority non-white nation by 2050.
  3. Sotomayor is depicted on cover of as because to these morons anyone non-white is interchangeably other an Asian-eyed Buddha.


  • OtterBox Throws Support Behind Mexican-Born NASCAR Driver

    NASCAR driver Germán Quiroga was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He represents a small section of non-white drivers on the NASCAR circuit. His website displays very little in the form of English words. He tweets in Spanish. Quiroga's ethnic distinction along with his relative early success in the sport (he currently owns the highest finishing position for a Mexican in a national division of NASCAR ...
    on June 26, 2013     Source: Forbes


  1. "The point is, there were no Asians or non-white faces among the judges," Vittachi told AFP. "When I mentioned this racial insensitivity at a meeting, they just sat silent."
    on Feb 6, 2007 By: Nury Vittachi Source: Khaleej Times

  2. "Here we have a black president taking money from the taxpayers in a time of economic crisis and giving it to organizations-many of which are anti-Catholic-so they can spend it on killing non-white babies in Third World nations," Donohue said.
    on Jan 24, 2009 By: Bill Donohue Source:

  3. "Think of the many people of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria living in Paris who know Shah Rukh and love him. The gesture by Grévin is a recognition of the influence of non-white personalities around the world and their huge fan following. It is a...
    on Apr 28, 2008 By: Nasreen Munni Kabir Source: Economic Times

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