negativity negativity  /ˌnɛ ɡə ˈtɪ və ti/


  1. (n) the character of the negative electric pole
  2. (n) characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands
  3. (n) an amount less than zero
  4. (n) (chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond




  1. And be prepared to talk about things that will be of interest to that person, that will not dash their hopes, and that will provide distraction without negativity.
  2. But what was most distinctive was a new tone: a derisive, sarcastic negativity that predicted, and enabled, Rush Limbaugh's brilliant, destructive trade.
  3. Giuliani blames Romney for negativity and Romney's money for his poll standing.


  1. Wall Street On Rebound Attempt

    Trading in the U.S. index futures suggests that Wall Street stocks may shed off their negativity and attempt a rebound on Wednesday from the declines in the previous two sessions. That said, apart from the pullback, the markets have very little reasons to add to their equity holdings, given the lack of any major earnings and economic catalysts. With retail sales and industrial production data ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: RTT News

  2. Absent fathers linked to daughter's sexual permissiveness

    FORT WORTH, Texas, June 10 (UPI) -- A father's psychological or physical absence increased their daughter's sexual thoughts, sexual permissiveness and negativity toward condom use, a study showed.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: UPI

  3. Christopher Thompson's Closing the Deal Negativity destroys sales teams

    Negativity within a sales organization or any organization for that matter is cancerous. It causes major decreases in morale, performance and overall job satisfaction.
    on June 9, 2013     Source: New Hampshire Union Leader


  1. "This is what happens when the President and members of Congress don't read the bills. The White House and others are merely attempting to deflect attention from the intense negativity caused by their unpopular policies. I never consulted with the...
    on Aug 11, 2009 By: Johnny Isakson Source:

  2. "It's an example of the negativity that Governor Richardson is talking about. If they want to tone it down, don't accuse someone of McCarthyism," Rendell said.
    on Mar 23, 2008 By: Ed Rendell Source: AZ

  3. Hughes said: "Let's hope that is the case. There has been a little bit of negativity around in recent weeks. That has been taken away this evening. We are 16 or 17 games into the season and have still only been beaten once. Not many City teams have...
    on Dec 3, 2009 By: Mark Hughes Source: Scottish Daily Record

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