napped napped  /ˈnæpt/


  1. (n) a period of time spent sleeping
  2. (n) a soft or fuzzy surface texture
  3. (n) the yarn (as in a rug or velvet or corduroy) that stands up from the weave
  4. (n) sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)
  5. (n) a card game similar to whist; usually played for stakes
  6. (v) take a siesta
  7. (adj) (of fabrics) having soft nap produced by brushing

Derived Word(s)


  1. He napped every day with a mud poultice on abdomen and brow.
  2. He bayed as she napped.
  3. Her wire-haired dachshund pup, Marron, snores at her side; the latest addition to her menagerie of small dogs is tuckered after gnawing her wood-soled mules while Hamasaki napped.


  1. 6-Year-Old Upset Over Parents' Divorce Kills Self While Mother and Stepfather Shower

    A 6-year-old boy still reeling from his parents' divorce two years ago, hung himself with a belt while his mother and stepfather showered and his siblings napped and watched cartoons in Payette, Idaho.
    on July 18, 2013     Source: The Christian Post

  2. Rittenhouse Rescue Pup Betty Is Found!

    They found Betty! The Chinese crested mix was "dog-napped" from her foster home on Friday.
    on July 17, 2013     Source: FOX 29 Philadelphia


  1. "I listened to some music," reliever Matt Herges said. "Some guys napped. The tough thing is you really just want to eat, and that's not good."
    on May 29, 2009 By: Matt Herges Source:

  2. "I've always napped," says Pohl. "What else are you going to do? Your whole life is hockey and sleep, there's no time for anything else."
    on Mar 15, 2007 By: John Pohl Source: Toronto Star

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