mezzo mezzo  /ˈmɛ zoʊ/


  1. (n) a soprano with a voice between soprano and contralto
  2. (n) the female singing voice between contralto and soprano



  1. A tall girl with dark brown braids and a mezzo-soprano voice stepped out on the Metropolitan Opera's gilt-framed stage for the first time.
  2. This is about that glorious mezzo-soprano, the gospel growls, the throaty howls, the girlish vocal tickles, the swoops, the dives, the blue-sky high notes, the blue-sea low notes.
  3. The making of a great mezzo, in Simionato's case, did not begin until she was 16.


  1. Mezzo-soprano Cathy Berberian is due for a rediscovery

    The late singer, with composer Luciano Berio, changed the course of music. She's been neglected, but evidence of her legend is there to be found. "Berberian Sound Studio" — the creepily offbeat new British independent film in which Toby Jones plays a timorous sound-effects specialist working on a '70s Italian horror flick — takes its title and inspiration from the late American mezzo-soprano ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. Gazette.Net: Juilliard reunion concert at Bethesda church

    Some of the Juilliard alumni performing are: John Aler, a lyric tenor with the New York City and Royal operas; Edwina Humphrey Flynn, a gospel, spiritual and classical singer; Virginia Lum, also known as the Hawai’ian “Mistress of the Ivory Keys”; Lorna Myers, a mezzo-soprano who sings with the Metropolitan Opera and the Harlem Girls Choir; and Jonathan Reinhold, a baritone.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Bethesda Gazette

  3. Sue Gilmore: San Franciso Opera to hold a memorial for the late Zheng Cao

    Beloved mezzo-soprano felled by cancer in February left a warm circle of friends and admirers behind
    on June 19, 2013     Source: San Jose Mercury News


  1. Andrea Rivette brings "a beautiful mezzo-soprano" to the cast, Evan said, and Carter Calvert "does Patsy Cline's 'Crazy' from 'Always Patsy Cline,' and, man, let me tell you. Close your eyes and you will not believe it. This girl sings just...
    on May 2, 2008 By: Rob Evan Source: Macon Telegraph

  2. "Osvaldo heard her voice in his imagination when he wrote it, so she has a very special connection with the music," Spano says. "But so does the mezzo Kelley O'Connor, for whom Osvaldo wrote the travesty role of Lorca. They are both committed...
    on Apr 11, 2008 By: Robert Spano Source: Bloomberg

  3. Asked the difference between a countertenor and a male soprano, Asawa says, "All men who sing in falsetto are countertenors, whether they want to type themselves as male soprano, male mezzo or male alto. I'm a male alto, for instance, when I sing...
    on Mar 15, 2007 By: Brian Asawa Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

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