manageress manageress


  • (n) a woman manager


  1. Then the stage manageress, an old trouper herself, had a go at it, and tore the garment off.
  2. Next comes imperious Jan Sterling, manageress of a gaggle of dancing girls at the Palace Saloon.
  3. Years later, when Oliver was a still-unsuccessful novelist and Jane a highly successful actress-manageress with her own theatre, they met again.


  • Pub in Britain Bars Gay Man for Telling Male Bartender that He is Cute

    A British gay man has been banned from a pub in Farnham, Dorset because he complimented a male bartender. Philip Poolman, 48, spoke about how he was taken aside by the manageress of The Museum Inn and accused of being a 'predatory gay man' for talking to the barman.
    on March 23, 2014     Source: Gayapolis

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