maidservant maidservant


  • (n) a female domestic



  1. In the late 18th Century, a lady had to call in both a manservant and a maidservant for the lacing job, and if she was stout the two helpers had to use a wooden crank.
  2. A Nepalese maidservant records the traumatic abuse that she and many others have suffered in the Middle East.
  3. I drowsily asked my maidservant.


  • MICHELE HUEY'S 'GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA': The Lord will provide

    We first meet Hagar when barren Sarah decides the only way she’ll have children is to order her Egyptian maidservant to sleep with her husband, Abraham. Any child conceived as a result would then be considered Sarah’s. Legally.
    on November 23, 2013     Source: The Indiana Gazette

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