mafia mafia  /ˈmɑ fi ə/


  1. (n) a crime syndicate in the United States; organized in families; believed to have important relations to the Sicilian Mafia
  2. (n) a secret terrorist group in Sicily; originally opposed tyranny but evolved into a criminal organization in the middle of the 19th century
  3. (n) any tightly knit group of trusted associates


  1. Mob boss Gennaro 'Jerry' Angiulo dies at 90

    It was Boston's first big Mafia case. New England mob underboss Gennaro "Jerry'' Angiulo was captured on FBI tapes played at his 1985-86 trial ordering a soldier to "stomp,'' stab, and strangle a witness, bragging about his crimes and berating underlings.        
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Boston Globe

  2. Project Pat Says Three 6 Mafia Was Strictly A 'Business' Arrangement

    Juicy J is currently enjoying solo success, but where is Three 6 Mafia associate Project Pat? The Memphis rap collective have forged a place in hip-hop history, and are considered rap legends.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Baller Status

  3. Former Mafioso says Mafia tested drones before the U.S.

    PALERMO, Italy, June 13 (UPI) -- A former Mafioso says Sicily's Cosa Nostra Mafia was testing drone bomber planes before the United States was.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: UPI


  1. "False FBI accusations fuelled thousands of articles saying that I terrorize journalists and associate with the Mafia," Seagal told the Times in an interview published Friday. "These kinds of inflammatory allegations scare studio heads and...
    on Aug 17, 2007 By: Steven Seagal Source: 680 News

  2. "Woolmer's death has some connection with the match-fixing mafia," Nawaz told the Associated Press. "I've been saying this for the last four days that Woolmer's death is not natural, but it'sa murder."
    on Mar 21, 2007 By: Sarfraz Nawaz Source: Times Online

  3. "We will not solve the world drugs problem if we simply push addiction from cocaine and heroin to other addictive substances and there are unlimited amounts of them, produced in mafia labs at trivial costs," director Antonio Maria Costa said.
    on Jun 23, 2010 By: Antonio Source: AFP

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