luscious luscious  /ˈlə ʃɪs/


  1. (adj) having strong sexual appeal
  2. (adj) extremely pleasing to the sense of taste


  1. Janine Benyus' luscious 1997 book Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature is unique and profound.
  2. Aattou is a luscious, full-lipped, smooth-bodied satyr who could be Argento's prettier, more feminine twin.
  3. He was gay, yes, but he was mainly other: a luscious rebuttal to Hong Kong cinema's stern or strutting machismo.


  1. New river trail offers more than just a nice view

    NORTHUMBERLAND -- The peaceful Riverwalk Sensory Trail features hidden curves and luscious greenery as it wends its way alongside the rippling waters of the Hudson River. On Saturday afternoon, several dignitaries, volunteers and local residents gathered to officially open the trail and the Kayak Launch.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: The Post-Star

  2. The Brokerbabble Glossary: Decoded: the Most 'Luscious' Listings in the Country

    Welcome back to The Brokerbabble Glossary, where Curbed takes a word or phrase that shows up repeatedly in listings and deciphers its true meaning. Ideas? Hit up the tipline. The majority of the time, when the word "luscious" is used...
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Curbed

  3. Rachel Zoe's Long-Haired Son Sparks Debate

    Men with long, luscious locks tend to be rock stars, hippies or glam models. But the long-haired trend is now growing on little boys, including Ashlee Simpson's son, Kourtney Kardashian's little boy and 2-year-old Skyler, son of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: ABC News via Yahoo! News


  1. Big Boi said that fans can expect to hear his first single at midnight on New Year's Eve: "I want all the stuff to be '08, everything to be brand new. I'm going to put 12 songs on [Sir Luscious Left Foot], I'm finished with like nine right now....
    on Dec 11, 2007 By: Big Boi Source: Hip Hop Galaxy

  2. Describing a boy from Cape Town, who joins his school, Fry says: "He had out-turned lips that were most luscious then, but are today probably of that strangely opened out, overmoist quality as common to ex-colonials of the southern hemisphere as...
    on Jul 19, 2008 By: Stephen Fry Source: Sky News

  3. "Just the way that we look is such a brilliant piece of casting," says Scott Thomas, who is now 49, "because you get my really sharp, thin, papery kind of face, and Anne-Marie's luscious, fecund face."
    on Dec 20, 2009 By: Kristin Scott Thomas Source:

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