ligand ligand  /ˈlɪ ɡənd/


  • (n) a substance (an atom or molecule or radical or ion) that forms a complex around a central atom


  • The mystery, of course, is why it doesnt do it every time, but the researchers dream of turning Fas ligand into a supercharged exfoliant for the sun-damaged.


  • Virtual Screening Software aids research labs.

    Running at 40x speed of Blaze, BlazeGPU can screen database containing a few million compounds overnight using single desktop box with 4 GPUs, rather than Linux cluster. Alternatively, small cluster equipped with GPU coprocessors can screen virtual libraries of tens or hundreds of millions of molecules using 3D shape and electrostatic comparisons. With ligand based software, pharmaceutical ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: ThomasNet


  1. "We now have a unified model that provides a solid background for nanoengineering ligand-protected gold clusters for applications in catalysis, sensing, photonics, bio-labeling and molecular electronics," said Hakkinen.
    on Jul 15, 2008 By: Mika Hakkinen Source: Media Newswire (press release)

  2. "Ligand has gone through a major transformation over the last 12 months" Loeb said. "We are proud of our achievements and how the company is positioned today."
    on Jan 16, 2007 By: Daniel Loeb Source:

  3. "This announcement demonstrates Tripos' continuing commitment to invest in novel technologies and the highest quality science in the area of protein-ligand interactions," said Bryan Koontz, senior vice president and general manager of Discovery...
    on Jul 2, 2006 By: Dean Koontz Source: Business Wire (press release)

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