liberalness liberalness


  1. (n) an inclination to favor progress and individual freedom
  2. (n) the trait of being generous in behavior and temperament



  1. Apparently the observations stem from emotionally involved persons who stoutly maintain their "liberalness," their lack of inhibition, their freedom from the fetters of the .
  2. PTI might also have added that the liberalness of Commissioner Eastman has caused newspaper editorial writers to place him on the same shelf with the so-called liberal minority .


  • Sarah Palin "Taken Aback" By Pope Francis' Liberalness

    Sarah Palin "Taken Aback" By Pope Francis' Liberalness Never one to shy away from media spotlight opportunities, Sarah Palin is currently doing a press circuit in support of her new book Good Tidings And Great Joy, which is subtitled “Protecting The Heart Of Christmas.” During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Palin openly discussed her faith, describing herself as a “born-again” Christian ...
    on November 13, 2013     Source: Opposing Views


  1. ...the visit, Guido Westerwelle, head of Germany's opposition Free Democrats, said in Thursday's Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper that Medvedev had already "promised more openness, more liberalness and more democracy."
    on Jun 5, 2006 By: Guido Westerwelle Source: 940 News

  2. "I think there were gains for both sides," says agent Scott Boras. "There's more liberalness in the free agent area, more options for clubs to obtain their own free agents in the bargaining process. On the draft side, high school players,...
    on Oct 26, 2006 By: Scott Boras Source: USA Today

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