liberal liberal  /ˈlɪ bə rəl/


  1. (n) a person who favors an economic theory of laissez-faire and self-regulating markets
  2. (adj) showing or characterized by broad-mindedness
  3. (adj) having political or social views favoring reform and progress
  4. (adj) tolerant of change; not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition
  5. (adj) given or giving freely
  6. (adj) not literal
  7. (n) a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties


Derived Word(s)


  1. The former Veep is assisting in an effort to create a liberal alternative to conservative talk radio, and is exploring a cable television venture.
  2. Two famed New England colleges an nounced that they would build elaborate new art centers to strengthen the role of the creative arts in the life of the liberal arts.
  3. I had a liberal on the air today defend Michael Jackson.


  1. Mildred Siemens

    LIBERAL - Mildred Siemens was a true pioneer woman. She moved to Liberal, Kansas, on April 6, 1946, ...
    on June 16, 2013     Source: Hutchinson News

  2. Rossi gets associate dean post in Liberal Arts

    Marion Rossi, the director of the School of Arts and Communication and associate professor of theater arts, has been appointed associate dean in Oregon State University’s College of Liberal Arts.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Corvallis Gazette-Times

  3. The liberal case for high-tech NSA surveillance

    President Obama is not violating his liberal principles by defending the NSA. He is exercising them.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Week via Yahoo! News


  1. "For these reasons I aim to form a proper and full coalition between the conservatives and the liberal democrats. I believe that is the right way to provide this country with the strong, the stable, the good and decent government that I think we...
    on May 11, 2010 By: David Cameron Source:

  2. "If you ask people, 'look at the three things Senator McCain has done as a senator,' if you want that kind of a liberal Democrat course as president, then you can vote for him," Romney told campaign workers who would be manning his phone banks...
    on Jan 28, 2008 By: Mitt Romney Source: Guardian Unlimited

  3. "Well, I say to them tonight, there is not a liberal America and a conservative America -- there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America -- there is the United States of...
    on Jul 27, 2004 By: Barack Obama Source: CNN

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